Color Palette

We have many large images on this page to show you some pre-built color sets it may take a few seconds to load. Please review the color palette below. Notice the different text colors within each color group. Can't find a color group that works for you? All projects include 100% custom color selections to match your decor!


Click color box to the left to view a color swatch

Nautical Map Wallpaper Color Palette

You can choose your color palette from the samples below, or select your own 100% custom color set, your choice with no up charge for custom colors. Hover over center of the image for an enlargment link. Notice how the different text colors completely change the look of a chart. "Chart tone" text is a darker hue of the darkest color in a chart. Remember all wallpaper and chart projects are available in custom color sets to match your decor. Standard chart colors are also always available