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How did you do that?!?

Since 1999 we have been creating our artwork from nautical charts it is time consuming and not for the faint of heart!

Full sized, full detail navigational charts are scanned using a high resolution Cruse digital capture scanner which can resolve to 1000 DPI.

This creates a large digital file which is then processed with imaging software to convert the raster (photographic) data from the scan into vector data.

Once the file is converted into vector data, layers can be created and separated. Once the file is in layers, resolution filters are applied that allow each layer to be edited for content and color.


Where is it printed?

We have been printing and displaying custom nautical charts and wallpaper since 1999. All aspects of your project are done 100% by us in house. We don't send anything out to "others" to be completed. We have 4 state of the art large format eco solvent printers and 20 years of experience in large format production. Experience matters.


How is it installed?

Wallpaper projects are installed like any other vinyl wallpaper using high quality wallpaper paste. It is true vinyl Dreamscape wallpaper not a vinyl peel-and-stick decal. We set up the projects at our shop using 1" overlap on all interior vertical seams to ensure a smooth high quality installation. Any experienced wallpaer installer can handle the job.


How long does it take?

Wallpaper projects take 12 days from start to finish if both screen proofs are approved same day, and the print proof is shipped back to us same day as its received. Most of this time is consumed by UPS ground shipping we can always expidite shipping if needed, we have completed custom wallpaper projects in as few as 4 days. Charts for framing can be produced and shipped in a couple of days. If you are ordering a custom chart or project, production time is 2-3 days from the time we get your proof approval.


Are there size limitations?

No & yes. In the production of standard charts and maps, the output size is generally not a problem. Maps have no size limitation. NavCharts that are being used for very large output will have the largest acceptable output size-which is somewhere around 50 feet from a full-sized horizontal chart. We always proof any large projects to ensure we have beautiful resolution at the final size, prior to accepting the project. If your project is 30 feet long or less, all full frame horizontal charts are acceptable, and most full frame vertical charts will work also. Over 30 feet long we will proof for output resolution once the desired file is created. We don't recomend blowing up a tiny area from a large chart to a very large size.


Can I get any area in a chart?

Yes! Head over to the custom NavChart page and there is a good explanation of how to get a specific area.


Can I select different colors?

Yes! Head over to the custom NavChart page (link above) and there is a good explanation of how to get a chart with custom colors. Or you can review our standard color groups here. All charts are also available in standard NOAA colors.


What about matching paint colors?

We can match paint colors by selecting Pantone colors. That said, the best course of action is to always select your paint colors after your wallpaper project has been delivered. It is much easier to match your paint swatces to the printed wallpaper in your home or office than it is to try to pick out the wallpaper colors viewing a monitor and trying to match a paint swatch in your hand. All monitors will show colors slightly differently. Many people take a scrap of the wallpaper that is trimmed off during installation to their paint store to be scanned, ensuring a perfect match.


What are Limited Edition charts?

Limited Edition charts are one-off only charts. Once the project is created the file structure and colors are recorded and will never be used again. The full explanation is available on the Limited Edition chart page.


How do you ship?

Smaller items are shipped by first class US mail. Large, heavier items are shipped by UPS ground. We can ship on your UPS or FEdEx account if desired.


What type of media are the wallpaper & charts printed on?

Wallpaper is printed on Dreamscape vinyl wallpaper its the highest quality eco solvet available today. It is installed using high quality wallpaper paste and is installed like any other vinyl wallpaper, there are no special instructions. Charts are printed on double weight Epson fine art matte media, which produces a beautiful very high-end fine art print. We use only Epson UltraChrome Inksets.


Do the charts come framed, do you offer framing?

No, all charts are sold as frame ready art. We frequently ship charts directly to frame shops for customers. We recommend or for online framing.


Do you do custom projects?

Yes, see our custom and limited edition chart pages for details. Beyond that we would love to hear any thoughts you have on custom projects. Simply give us a call or send us a note with your ideas. You can use the form below.


Do you have a blog?

Yes, follow this link to view our blog topics.


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